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Investment Casting Manufacturer
Investment Casting in India

Modern Investment Cast Industries is a versatile supplier and manufacturer of Investment Casting in India. The investment casting is a metal casting process where a disposable wax replica, or "pattern", which is identical to the casting desired, is formed from an injection molding type of tool. It is also named as Lost Wax Casting or Precision casting process fabricated with quality components requiring complex shapes.

Investment Casting is a process for metal forming. It allows creation of solid objects from moulds. We give more importance to clients requirement and quality of the product. Our strength lies in supplying Investment Die Casting within stipulated period of time.

Investment Casting proves to be a beneficial process to other manufacturing processes such as such as machining, welding, forging, stamping, and assemblies.Investment castings is the best resolution for both small and large supplies, mainly used for the components with having design complexity & require fine detailing with perfection.

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Investment casting  India
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Investment Casting Process
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