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Modern Investment Cast Industries holds specialization in the production of investment castings with ferrous and non-ferrous castings. Investment Casting also known as Lost Wax Casting or Precision Casting is the process by which a replica metal sculpture (frequently silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture.

Our company is a versatile supplier and manufacturer of Investment Castings in India. The investment casting is a metal casting process where a disposable wax replica, or "pattern", which is identical to the casting desired, is formed from an injection molding type of tool. It is also named as Lost Wax Casting or Precision casting process fabricated with quality components requiring complex shapes.

Investment Castings is a process for metal forming. It allows creation of solid objects from moulds. We give more importance to clients requirement and quality of the product. Our strength lies in supplying Investment Die Casting within stipulated period of time.

Investment Castings proves to be a beneficial process to other manufacturing processes such as such as machining, welding, forging, stamping, and assemblies.Investment castings is the best resolution for both small and large supplies, mainly used for the components with having design complexity & require fine detailing with perfection.

As a manufacturer, we offer premium quality Stainless Steel Investment Casting and Investment Die Casting to the world's leading industries as a single tier supply chain. The Castings allow the production of components with accuracy, reliability and integrity with wide range of metals and alloys.

Steel Investment Casting is essential as it yields reliable and consistent product, gives better surface finish and reduces machine cost. We serve our products in different industries biz. Automotive, Mining, Paper Mill, Marine, Oil & Gas industries, Textile industries and others. Investment casting is a very ancient casting method but has gone through several metamorphoses all through this date due to technology development. We are one of the most trusted organizations offering the best quality Investment casting in India. Our strength is our profound expertise in this field for about 15 years.

We have taken care of very complex needs of our customers from diverse industries with complete responsibility and are very successful in those projects. With our good experience we also have access to the most updated innovations and know-how in this industry. On the top of our existing positive factors, we also strive at our R&D department, determinedly for innovating ground-breaking method for improving every procedure and eradicating the short comings in the making of investment casting.

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What is Investment Casting?

This is one the ancient methods and still widely applied procedure for metal forming in the industries. Although it is popularly identified as Investment casting it has the other name – “lost-wax casting” due to the nature of its procedure.Investment Die Casting, Investment Casting Process, Stainless Steel Investment Castings.

Throughout the ages the process evolved due to technology and availability of new variety of waxes, refractory materials as well as unique types of alloys. This development has also resulted into the fabrication of resultant components with high precision, numerous repetition, adaptability as well as reliability. This process is very suitable for metals such as aluminum, stainless steel alloys, brass, & also carbon steel.


The investment casting process is beneficial due to its cost saving, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining time, reproducibility, and assembly savings.

>> In this process, the average initial tooling cost of the parts is low as compared to other manufacturing tooling cost.
>> In order to eliminate the wastage of material, the casting products are cast to its sizes.
>> The key advantage is that it has infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations.
>> The casting process gives a reliable and consistent product order to order.

Process of Investment Casting

>> Designing:
Our expert and highly qualified designers design the latest CAD/CAM programs innovatively.

>> The mold fabrication:
The mold is made qualitatively with the contemporary technology based machines at our manufacturing unit.

>> Making of the wax patterns:
Wax patterns are created at this stage by either method of which one includes pouring the wax into the mold and pressing about till an even coating of required thickness in the interior surface of the mould is produced. The other method involves pouring the whole mould with wax that is freshly melted, and allowing it cool till a preferred thickness is generated, with repeating the process. Care is taken that to make certain the castings are strong and devoid of flaws. It is also ensured that they are dimensionally precise.

>> Assembly of the wax patterns:
Just as the wax pattern taken out from the mould, they are assembled into one compound mold. Then it is made to go through the ceramic coating procedure at Temperature & Humidity regulated conditions, as a result highly precise dimensions in addition to exceptionally fine surface finish is attained.

Process of Investment Casting

>> De-Waxing process:
Subsequent to the coating procedure the wax is eliminated in this step, executed by means of the autoclave De-Waxing piece of equipment.

>> Melting process:
These undergo baking process after which any preferred liquid metal can be cast by pouring the molten metal in the baked moulds.

>> Fettling and finishing:
Fettling is done for the reason of elimination of the shell matter, runners, risers as well as chips and unnecessary ridge of castings. Finishing is then carried out as indicated by client.


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