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Owing to our rich experience, we manufacture Lost Wax Investment Casting made using superior quality and heat treated raw material suitable in severe applications.

Our company is well exposed manufacturer of Investment Die Casting. This casting is beneficial in producing metal shapes with the support of die or sand casting.

We are global manufacturer of Precision Investment Casting made of varied components to be used in different industrial applications for lost wax process.


Modern Investment Cast Industries is a versatile supplier and manufacturer of Investment Castings in India. The investment casting is a metal casting process where a disposable wax replica, or "pattern", which is identical to the casting desired, is formed from an injection molding type of tool. It is also named as Lost Wax Casting or Precision casting process fabricated with quality components requiring complex shapes.

Investment Castings is a process for metal forming. It allows creation of solid objects from moulds. We give more importance to clients requirement and quality of the product. Our strength lies in supplying Investment Die Casting within stipulated period of time.

Investment Castings proves to be a beneficial process to other manufacturing processes such as such as machining, welding, forging, stamping, and assemblies.Investment castings is the best resolution for both small and large supplies, mainly used for the components with having design complexity & require fine detailing with perfection.

Investment castings

Investment castings India
Investment Castings Process
Investment Castings Process

As a manufacturer, we offer premium quality Stainless Steel Investment Casting and Investment Die Casting to the world's leading industries as a single tier supply chain. The Castings allow the production of components with accuracy, reliability and integrity with wide range of metals and alloys.

Steel Investment Casting is essential as it yields reliable and consistent product, gives better surface finish and reduces machine cost. We serve our products in different industries biz. Automotive, Mining, Paper Mill, Marine, Oil & Gas industries, Textile industries and others. Investment casting is a very ancient casting method but has gone through several metamorphoses all through this date due to technology development. We are one of the most trusted organizations offering the best quality Investment casting in India. Our strength is our profound expertise in this field for about 15 years.

We have taken care of very complex needs of our customers from diverse industries with complete responsibility and are very successful in those projects. With our good experience we also have access to the most updated innovations and know-how in this industry. On the top of our existing positive factors, we also strive at our R&D department, determinedly for innovating ground-breaking method for improving every procedure and eradicating the short comings in the making of investment casting.

Contact us today for Investment Casting, Precision Investment Casting, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Invetsment Casting.!!


Serving Areas of Investment Castings

  • Automobile Industries
  • Aero engines & Aircraft industries
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Air Conditioning industries
  • Bathroom Accessories and Fittings
  • Defense Armament & fire arms
  • Textile Industries
  • Marine Industries
  • Locomotive Parts
  • Paper Mill Industries
  • Valve & Pump Industries

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Investment Die Casting

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Precision Investment Castings

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Steel Investment Casting

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Lost Wax Investment Casting

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